Shop Designer Glasses Online Wholesale vs Retail.

Shop Designer Glasses Online: Wholesale vs Retail

by simaeyewear     June 25, 2021

If you are looking for designer glasses online and want to purchase wholesale glasses from an online store. Here we provide a helpful resource where you will get all the details regarding the wholesaler and retailer for buying sunglasses from an online store. You will get an exact idea to buy your designer eyeglasses either from a retailer or wholesaler. And also it clarifies the confusion regarding two contradictory words wholesale and retail. 

In short, wholesale and retail are two significant components of the distribution process in a supply chain industry. We all have encountered one question, and it is “ What is the difference between a wholesaler and retail eyewear suppliers? “ You must read on further for a satisfactory answer.

Difference between a Wholesale and Retail eyewear supplier

Suppose you go into a local store and buy a pair of eyeglasses; then, you deal with a retailer. They usually sell you designer glasses at the recommended retail price. Sometimes you will receive a good discount due to various seasonal offers. However, they will be looking to make money from their sale to you and, as such, will have purchased their stock from a designer wholesale sunglasses supplier.

Retail sunglasses from sunglasses online store can only be profitable if the store can buy them at much lower prices than they intend to sell for. On the contrary, wholesalers sell large quantities of goods and items at a much lower price. It is because they, in turn, will have bought massive amounts directly from the manufacturers. In our case, eyewear manufacturers. So, you can tell now easier from whom we can purchase from, a retailer or a wholesaler? 

Now, another question encounters our mind, and it is “ Who makes the most profit, wholesaler or retailer? “ We know that there is, of course, no straight answer to this question because all businesses are different. There is a situation when often retailers will make a much larger profit on each sale. 

However, in most cases, designer glasses retailers will be making fewer sales of individual items than a wholesaler. A wholesale sunglasses distributor may supply many thousands of units to dozens of stores and other businesses. The amount of profit that they make on each unit is much smaller, but the volumes they sell are much larger.   

The total cost involved in a retail business is often higher, which includes margins that they have made. Designer glasses retailers need sales staff, display units and often have to pay for high rental units for showrooms or the place from where to do business. 

On the other side, wholesalers of designer eyeglasses are typically located in areas with much lower rents. It is because they employ fewer staff per unit sold. As to who will make the most money depends on the methods in which businesses are running. 


One thing we can say that wholesalers cannot survive without good profitable retailers. We, at Sima Eyewear – a wholesale eyewear eCommerce store provide you with prices and services that you need to make your business run smoothly. We provide the best quality designer glasses and sunglasses to you. For further discussion and information regarding wholesale sunglasses, you can contact our customer service executive at Sima Eyewear.