optical frames and sunglasses of the trending brand Puma in South Africa

Where to purchase in bulk online optical frames and sunglasses of the trending brand Puma in South Africa?

by simaeyewear     April 2, 2021

Are you looking to purchase optical frames and sunglasses from the famous brand puma? If your reply is affirmative, then this article is for you, where we will provide the information about the renowned brand Puma in a detailed description. Puma is the leading manufacturer of athletic and casual footwear along with apparel and accessories. Puma also provides sunglasses and optical frames uniquely crafted for the customers, who are very fond of the famous brand Puma.

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Now, let us throw some light on the history of the Puma brand with a short overview.

History of the trending brand Puma

Puma was born in Germany by an innovative idea of two german brothers: Rudolf Dassler and Adolf Dassler. The company was named “Dassler brothers shoe factory” in their hometown Herzogenaurach, Germany. In 1919, both the brothers started their shoe factory in their parent’s home.

Later, in 1924, they had moved their shoe factory into the proper facility. At that time, the company had focused on Dassler spikes shoes.

In 1936, those spike shoes became famous when a German athlete won eleven gold medals and seven bronze medals at the Berlin Olympic games. In 1948, the Dassler shoe factory completely transformed into the brand labelled as “PUMA”.

In the present day, the brand Puma offers various products, namely sports and casual shoes, clothing, and accessories. The accessories include belts, caps, gloves, bags, wallets, socks, sunglasses, and optical frames. In this article, we will focus more on sunglasses and optical frames of the trending brand Puma. Sima Eyewear, a leading distributor and supplier of eyewear products, offers sunglasses and optical frames of the brand Puma to its customers worldwide.